Private Practice


My goal is to help my clients navigate nutrition, health, and eating in a positive, non-judgmental, and hopeful way. While I am a nutrition expert, I believe that you are the YOU expert, bringing your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences to our sessions. Together, we form an awesome team to explore and meet your health and wellness goals.

Enjoyment, positivity, and care are the foundations of my work with my clients. This doesn’t mean that there can’t be challenges along the way. It means that we will navigate any challenges together as a team in a way that feels positive and supportive to you.

What to expect in the initial session?
The initial session (60 minutes) is an opportunity to get to know each other. We’ll talk about your goal(s) in the context of where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you envision yourself going. Both longterm and more immediate goals will be strategized, with a plan on how check-in visits can support reaching these goals (and/or adjusting along the way).

What are check-in visits like?
Woah— a LOT happens in check-in visits. But not all at once. That’s the beauty of these (30 minute) visits. Check-in visits give us a chance to do just that… check in. Check in on shorter term goals as well as assess (and re-asses) longer term goals. It’s an opportunity to explore and practice tools in sessions and then discuss what it was like to use those tools outside of sessions. It’s an opportunity to connect on a regular basis to talk about your life and how your life is affecting your food choices and vice versa. It’s also a time for you to ask questions that come up between sessions and for us to strategize plans to address any current or upcoming challenges.