Food, nutrition & health.
My take…


I always find it helpful to get a sense of where someone is coming from, with regard to their profession, when I am figuring out if they might be the right fit for me. I think this is especially important with professions in which there are a LOT of different ways to define the same word. Health. Healthful eating. Healthful food. Google five different people and you’ll likely get five different definitions.

Here’s my take.

Relationship with food comes first. I’m trained in medical nutrition therapy and I personally and professionally know the power of nutrition, BUT I think that reducing fear of food and diet-culture driven thoughts and beliefs takes priority. Integrating gentle nutrition is the bigger goal, and healing the relationship with food and body is the first stepping stone.

There’s no one-size-fits-all plan (or a plan at all). Each person who steps into my office is unique, with a different childhood, social life, set of preferences, life experiences, etc. This is a good thing. This uniqueness is something I celebrate and in listening and really hearing my clients, we can form a team to find/create the resources and support you need to create goals and navigate the process of reaching them in a way that helps instead of hurts.

I love cooking, but you don’t have to. This is my specific example of saying, more generally, that I don’t have preconceived notions of “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts” for you.

Curiosity over judgement. If we can’t feel OK trying new things and experimenting, how can we grow? I’m here to offer safe ways to get curious about your relationship with food and diet culture. And I’m here to listen without judgement.

Fresh loaf of sourdough and a cat pun. Two of my favorite things.